Collision Avoidance Checklist


STAY OUT OF THE WAY and when in doubt, keep clear. In normal operational conditions within the confines of the Port of Fremantle, there are no rules or circumstances where you have the right of way.

AVOID SHIP CHANNELS where possible, or cross them quickly.

DO NOT PASS CLOSE ACROSS THE BOW   You risk misjudging the speed of the ship, disappearing from the sight of the Pilot, or losing propulsion or sail headway at a critical moment and being run down. Be safe and pass around the stern. You will lose next to no time……. and not your life.

DO NOT PASS BETWEEN AN ARRIVING SHIP AND THE BERTH   Again, if in doubt keep clear or stop until you are absolutely sure all is clear.

STAY TO ONE SIDE OF THE HARBOUR when negotiating the Inner Harbour

DO NOT STOP IN THE HARBOUR Keep your vessel moving in a controlled and predictable manner and do not stop just to look at ships or take in the sights. The Harbour is strictly for transit only and is not a recreational area.

BE ALERT AT ALL TIMES and watch for ship traffic.

BE SEEN, especially at night.

DO NOT ASSUME THE SHIP HAS SEEN YOU   You are much harder to see than you may think. When you see the ship, immediately start preparations to move clear.

THE PILOT BOAT DOES NOT GUIDE SHIPS  Remember it is the Pilot on board the ship that controls the vessel. The Pilot Boat only transfers the Pilot to and from ships.

KNOW WHISTLE SIGNALS    Five or more mean danger. One very long blast means get out of the way IMMEDIATELY.

IN EMERGENCY ONLY, USE VHF 12 for ship communication.

Fremantle Pilots Small Vessel checklist