Navigating inside Confined Commercial Waters

When navigating small craft inside confined commercial waters such as the Inner Harbour of Fremantle, Jervoise Bay North and South or Fishing Boat Harbour

Be particularly cautious around commercial cargo berths. Ships, tugs, ferries, large fishing vessels or barges may be manoeuvring in the vicinity. Additionally, sudden propeller wash or wakes generated by some of these vessels can be extremely dangerous to small craft.

Stay out of entrance channels and swinging basins if your draft permits.

In the case of the Australian Marine Complex (AMC), no recreational vessels are permitted to enter so stay clear.

Designate someone aboard your boat to keep watch for ship movements.

Don’t pass close to ships arriving at, or leaving the berth.  You do not know the intended manoeuvre of the Pilot, and other vessels in attendance such as tugs and line boats will reposition suddenly.

Stay well clear of tugs and line boats.

Do not under any circumstances pass between an arriving vessel and the berth. It sounds obvious, but never the less still occurs regularly.

Do not cross in front of arriving or departing vessels, the Pilot will not see you, and in the case of departing vessels the speed will be increasing so you increase your chances of being run down.

Do not proceed down the middle of the Inner Harbour or entrance channels. Stay well clear to the side of the channel.

If in doubt, move your vessel well clear of any manoeuvring vessel and stop until it is obvious all is clear.