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November 2017

Kimberley Coastal Pilots to Provide Professional Marine Advice to Cruise Ships visiting the spectacular Kimberley Coast

Click on the press release below to see details of an innovative new venture involving Kimberley Coastal Pilots and visiting cruise ships.

KCP Press Release


November 2017

Maritime Day Port of Fremantle 2017

Once again Maritime Day proved to be very popular with the general public with large numbers flocking to the Port of Fremantle on a beautiful spring day.

Captain Jeremy Parkin took the con and organised a brilliant Fremantle Pilots display which received tremendous and well deserved feedback.

The pictures below show a portion of the display which included a clever simultaneous video of the Pilot’s view, together with an electronic chart display/AIS tracking from the Pilots PPU (Portable Pilotage Unit). The other photo is of Jeremy’s children, perhaps taking their first steps towards becoming the next generation of Fremantle Pilots?


November 2017

Annual Fremantle Pilot and Tugmaster Conference

Pilots for Fremantle Pilots met with the Tugmasters and Manager from Svitzer Towage, together with representatives from Fremantle Ports to discuss a wide range of Pilotage and Tug related topics; all part of the annual Pilot/Tugmaster conference.

These meetings are invaluable in reinforcing the positive relationship between the two operations groups, and discussing firsthand any operational issues or developments that have occurred over the last 12 months, or are likely to arise in the near future. This ensures the very high standard of pilotage and tug operations within the Port of Fremantle are maintained.


October 2017

Carnival Cruises Reverse Decision to Bypass Fremantle and Once Again Calls Freo Home

This story from the ABC reports that Carnival Cruises is satisfied with progress made in regional Western Australian ports regarding port support infrastructure, and as such will again use Fremantle as the home port for it’s cruise operations in Western Australia, reversing an earlier decision to pull out.


September 2017

Fremantle Pilots Managing Director Given Honour of Firing the Round Hill Signal Cannon

Captain Stuart Proctor, the Managing Director of Fremantle Pilots, was recently asked to fire the ceremonial signal cannon located at Round House in Fremantle. This was in recognition of the service provided by past and present Pilots within the Port of Fremantle since 1844,  and the support provided by Fremantle Pilots to the Fremantle Volunteer Heritage Guides.

The cannon is fired each day at 1300 and is a popular tourist attraction performed by the guides, all of whom are volunteers. For more information on the Guides click on the following link. Fremantle Round House Guides

The photo below shows Captain Proctor preparing the cannon with Les Green of the Fremantle Volunteer Heritage Guides.


August 2017

366m Container Ship Runs Aground and Blocks Entrance to Antwerp Harbour

The report below briefly covers the grounding. The container vessel is the 15th largest in the world and it took 17 tugs to break her free. Fortunately availability of tugs was not an issue in one of the busiest shipping ports in the world. Should such an accident occur in Fremantle (5 tugs in total), accessing required tug resources could take up to a week, all the while incurring massive delay costs while the Inner Harbour remained blocked.

14,000 teu Cosco containership runs aground off Antwerp


August 2017

Electric Cars and Domestic Power Storage Drive Lithium Boom in Western Australia

A report from ABC news about Western Australia’s next possible mining boom and an increase of exports through Kwinana Bulk Terminal in the Port of Fremantle.


July 2017

Managing Director Fremantle Pilots Change at the Helm

Captain Greg Tonnison has completed his maximum tenure as MD of Fremantle Pilots and handed over to Captain Stuart Proctor. Please click on the Press Release below.

Change of Helmsman


February 2017

Australia’s Largest Naval Vessel “HMAS Adelaide” together with the Spanish Frigate “Christobal Colon” call into Fremantle

Warships gather for major Australian drill Ocean Explorer

December 2016

gCaptain’s Best Maritime Videos of 2016

Some will make you smile and laugh………….others will make you wince.

All the best for 2017 from all of us here at Fremantle Pilots.

gCaptain’s Picks: Best Maritime Videos of 2016

 December 2016

“Ovation of the Seas”, the longest vessel ever to call at an Australian port, brought in by Fremantle Pilots

Captain Trevor Bozoky expertly brought in the 348m long “Ovation of the Seas”, the largest vessel ever to call at Fremantle. At just under 166 000 tonnes with a 42m beam, the vessel has 18 decks, can carry 4900 passengers and boasts 68 000kW of propulsion. She is the world’s 4th largest passenger ship just shading the Queen Mary 2 by 3 metres.

Click on the link below to see time lapse videos of her swinging inside Fremantle’s Inner Harbour.


October 2016

London Pilot killed while Boarding Ship

The Port of London Authority (PLA) has confirmed that one of its pilots has died while boarding a cargo ship in Gravesend Reach in Kent.

On the UKMPA website, the association’s chairman, John Pearn, wrote: “It is with great sadness that I must inform you that one of our colleagues, Gordon Coates, a London Pilot, was involved in an incident whilst boarding a vessel in the Thames on Wednesday evening. Sadly he passed away shortly afterwards.”

“I am sure you will join with me and the UKMPA Executive Committee in passing on our sincere condolences. Our thoughts are very much with his family, friends and colleagues at the Port of London Authority during this tragic time,” added Pearn.

Coates sustained serious injuries while boarding the cargo ship, Sunmi at around 6.10pm on 5 October, 2016. Despite efforts by the emergency services to save him, he subsequently died. Both the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) and the PLA have begun an investigation into the fatal accident. No details about the nature of the accident have been released.

The PLA has issued a statement about the incident.

“The Port of London Authority (PLA) has confirmed that last night (Wednesday, 5 October 2016) at around 6.10 pm one of its pilots was involved in an accident while boarding a ship, Sunmi, in Gravesend Reach,” said the statement.

“PLA teams on duty, the emergency services and the RNLI did all they could subsequent to the accident, but tragically the pilot passed away,” it said.


October 2016

Fremantle Pilots Purchase New Pilot Boat

Fremantle Pilots have purchased the company’s first Pilot Boat “Berkeley”. Previous Pilot Boats have all been owned and operated by the Port of Fremantle.

The “Berkeley” has a raked stem, straight transom, superstructure aft. The vessel is powered by twin MTU engines through twin shaft and propellers.

LENGTH O.A. : 18.50 M

BEAM : 5.4 M

DEPTH : 2.5 M



ENGINES : 2 x MTU (900kw each)


Berkeley alongside


 May 2016

Lewek Constellation Largest Beam Vessel to Transit Stirling Channel and enter AMC Basin

The following is an extract from Fremantle Ports magazine covering a visit by the “Lewek Constellation”, a specialist offshore construction vessel that is the largest beam width vessel to have transited Stirling and Calista Channels while en route to the AMC complex.  Captain Raymond Alfreds, Captain Julian Thomas and Captain David Jones all carried out the demanding Pilotage operations for the vessel on seperate occasions during it’s stay in Fremantle, including safe and efficient management of the complex mooring arrangement. Please note there is slight technical error in the detail of the story which refers to the vessel “depth”, and subsequently then refers to a lesser draft. The”depth” referred to is actually the moulded depth of the vessel which measures from the main deck to the bottom of the hull.

Lewek Constellation


November 2015

Largest Ever Canola Shipment From Australia

The following report refers to the largest ever shipment of canola exported from Australia. However, what this report does not mention is that a vessel of this size and weight visiting the Port of Fremantle does so under the provisions of the Dynamic Under Keel Clearance (DUKC) program. DUKC allows for very large and heavily laden vessels of this nature to transit the shipping channels with minimal safe clearance between the bottom of the hull and the sea bed, thus allowing for the maximum allowable cargo quantity to be carried. Strict conditions of speed are applied to ensure the appropriate underkeel clearance is maintained, however this makes the vessel more difficult to control and manoeuvre and requires of the Pilot a very high degree of skill. Fremantle Pilots Captain Stuart Proctor and Captain Hamish Macadie piloted the vessel to and from the berth respectively.


August 2015

Fremantle Ports and Pilot Company Coordination, together with Pilotage Skills Ensure a Poorly Planned Operation is Professionally Concluded

Email from Deputy Harbour Master – Port of Fremantle

Good Day

On Saturday morning the Dongbang Giant 5 arrived at Fremantle Port. Although FPA had approved the use of AMC1 and confirmed the use of vessel winches, we had not been involved in the pre planning for this vessel. As a result the pilot boarded on Saturday morning unaware that it was for MEDI MOOR at AMC1 and the wrong towage had been booked for the movement.

The first response was to get the vessel alongside then conduct an assessment before doing the MEDI MOOR. This would have delayed the operation and resulted in considerable costs to the client. After discussions with the vessel and shore side planning of the client, we were able to get a second tug arranged at short notice and the pilot continued with the planned medi moor. Due to shift changeover and general tardiness in tug arrival, the pilot managed to get the vessel into position off AMC1, layout the two anchors and put the stern alongside AMC1 without the tugs assistance. When the tugs did arrive they assisted in the final positioning of the stern (approx 5m to the east).

Due to the excellent job done by the pilot Jon Brown and the last minute arrangements done by the VTS staff, we were able to complete the medi moor with minimal delays which resulted in a possible 30min delay to the client. The client was then able to get the modules off the deck on time and this morning the vessel has already sailed.

Thank you everyone for an excellent job and a professional attitude.

Brgds             Stuart Davey    Manager Marine Operations    Deputy Harbour Master

Dongbang Giant #5

Dongbang Giant