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January 2018


January 2018

Fremantle Pilot Captain Jeremy Parkin and Pilot Boat Berkeley Rescue Three Persons in Gage Roads

The following articles refer to a rescue carried out by Fremantle Pilots Pilot vessel Berkeley in challenging conditions in Gage Roads. The Berkeley picked up three persons who had been treading water for over five hours in rough 2 to 3m seas after falling overboard from their recreational vessel. Berkeley is ideally equipped for such an operation given its’ after deck remote coxswains position and Pilot overboard recovery gear at the stern.

What the articles do not refer to however is that Captain Jeremy Parkin was instrumental in the safe rescue of these three persons by;

  • directing the vessel he had recently disembarked and heading north in Gage Roads to go to anchor rather than proceed out to sea to ensure it did not interfere with the search effort or place the persons in harms way,
  • suggesting the Pilot boat engage in the needle in a haystack search effort, and in a different area to that chosen by the water police, utilising the expert local knowledge of Pilot boat skipper and Rottnest swim veteran Pete Fellowes,
  • assisting Pete and deckhand Dave MacDonald with the recovery of the three persons once they were detected by the Australian rig tender Far Statesman that had joined in the search and found the three persons in the water, and
  • caring for the three persons on board the Berkeley who were being physically ill, drifting in and out of consciousness from the effects of taking on litres of seawater, and suffering the effects of hypothermia on the journey back to Fremantle and awaiting ambulance.

Without Captain Parkins’ intervention and guidance the outcome may well have been tragic. He had just completed his final pilotage job for the evening but even stayed behind to assist with the unenviable task of cleaning out the boat after the three persons were landed ashore.


October 2016

Fremantle Pilots Purchase New Pilot Boat

Fremantle Pilots have purchased the company’s first Pilot Boat “Berkeley”. Previous Pilot Boats have all been owned and operated by the Port of Fremantle.

The “Berkeley”¬†has a raked stem, straight transom, superstructure aft. The vessel is¬†powered by twin MTU engines through twin shaft and propellers.

LENGTH O.A. : 18.50 M

BEAM : 5.4 M

DEPTH : 2.5 M



ENGINES : 2 x MTU (900kw each)


Berkeley alongside