The Ports of Fremantle and Kwinana accommodate the widest variety of regular visiting vessel types for any port within Australia.

Any type of vessel imaginable from wave piercing catamarans to ice breakers and seismic vessels, the world’s largest vehicles carriers to super yachts, from nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers to majestic tall ships, have all called at Fremantle and all have all been under the conduct of a Fremantle Pilot. There are a huge range of different vessel types and sizes, all of which our Pilot’s are expected to have an expert familiarity with to ensure a safe and efficient operation.

Additionally, the Ports of Fremantle and Kwinana have over 60 berths covering this wide range of vessels servicing passengers, container trade, vehicles, boats and machinery, livestock, heavy lift and specialist cargoes, bulk liquids, chemicals, crude oil, oil products, LPG, alumina, fertiliser, mineral sands, cement, iron ore, acids, sulphur, grain etc. etc. and our Pilots are required to have a detailed working knowledge of all of these berths, including each berth operators particular requirements, operational procedures, security protocols and health and safety requirements.

Our Pilot’s primary function is of course the safe and efficient manoeuvring of vessels to and from port, however our broad range of expertise also allows us when required to offer information and advice regarding a particular vessel’s port operations, such that we can assist vessel Masters and berth operators as much as is practicable.

Furthermore, our Pilot’s high level of expertise combined with our overall broad range of experience assists in on going port development. We contribute by way of project consultancy in terms of operational capability and design efficiency, and are directly involved through simulation testing and familiarisation. The Port of Fremantle is on the cusp of generational change, which will ultimately see massive redevelopments of the inner harbour in Fremantle and the outer harbour in Kwinana. This will allow the world’s largest container vessels access to Western Australia. These developments in conjunction with our Pilot’s expert input, are critical to continuing Western Australia’s high standard of living and growth, in Australia’s most important economy.