Ship Masters Information

The Port of Fremantle is a compulsory pilotage area. General information is provided in this section, to assist Masters and crews on arrival.

In accordance with the West Australian Port Authorities Act, 1999 the Port of Fremantle is a gazetted area including the Inner Harbour, Kwinana and Cockburn Sound areas, referred to as the Outer Harbour, in which pilotage is compulsory for all vessels exceeding 150 GRT, except where:

  • A vessel’s Master holds a valid exemption certificate as issued in accordance with the West Australian Port Authorities Regulations, 2001; or
  • The vessel is operated by a defence force of Australia, other than a vessel used primarily to transport troops, fuel oil, stores or equipment; or
  • The vessel is used for commercial fishing that is registered in Australia and has a length overall not greater than 35m.

Under the Act the Port of Fremantle makes provisions for a licensed marine pilotage service. Fremantle, Kwinana and Cockburn Sound Pilots Pty Ltd is the contracted pilotage service known by their registered call sign “Fremantle Pilots”. Fremantle Pilots provides a 24 hour a day/365 days a year service to meet the port’s vessel scheduling requirements. Pilot bookings and requests are managed through the Port of Fremantle via the vessel’s contracted shipping agent.

If you wish to book a Pilot please contact your agent or alternatively Fremantle Ports.

For general information regarding arrival requirements please refer to the  Port Information Guide

Pilot transfers are carried out by Pilot Boat at the outer or inner Pilot Boarding Grounds – see chart AUS 112.

For general information on shipping movements, please refer to the following link This provides information for the public regarding shipping movements however please note the information on this website may not be current, and does not include details of naval vessels or livestock vessels for security purposes. Current and detailed information is available via your agent, or alternatively from Fremantle Ports on 08 9430 3400 or VHF channel 12.