Passage Planning and Berth Information

The need to plan for any passage is crucial in minimising the operational risks to as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP).

In order to conform with various regulatory requirements plus industry standards and practices, a detailed plan for the proposed passage is a requirement for all vessels.

Fremantle Pilots is committed to ensuring pilotage conduct and operations are safely executed and carried out in accordance with the highest industry standards and expectations. This aligns directly with our company purpose and vision and is demonstrated within our policies and procedures. Our passage planning by way of the Master Pilot Exchange (MPX) is a practical affirmation of this commitment and while we make every attempt to work in with our client’s own management systems, we use the MPX process as our minimum requirement to ensure the safest and most efficient outcome.

The MPX is based on the IMO principles listed below.

Gathering all information relevant to the contemplated voyage or passage
• Detailed planning of the whole voyage or passage from berth to berth, including those areas necessitating the presence of a Pilot
• Execution of the plan; and monitoring the progress of the vessel in the implementation of the plan

The role of our Pilot is to create a shared mental model of the plan and establish themselves within the bridge team utilising proper bridge resource management (BRM) practices. The Pilot will board the vessel and conduct a MPX using the relevant MPX form which can be downloaded from this website. To further assist vessel Masters with preparing their passage plan, relevant information can also be downloaded from the links below.

These waypoints lists represent typical courses followed by Fremantle Pilots within the transit corridor. They are to be used for passage planning guidance only. 

The chartlets that contain these lists are not to be used for navigation.

The final passage plan may vary after considering all operational factors, and will be discussed and verified during the Master/Pilot exchange.

WAYPOINT LIST Gage Roads Arrival

WAYPOINT LIST Cockburn Sound Arrival

WAYPOINT LIST Gage Roads Departure

WAYPOINT LIST Cockburn Sound Departure

For berth information within the Port of Fremantle please refer to the Fremantle Ports “Port Information Guide”.

Please note however that Fremantle Pilots are not responsible for this guide, and therefore cannot guarantee the information contained within it is accurate or current.