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Safe and reliable piloting of ships in Fremantle

Pilots have helped Fremantle Port connect Western Australia with the World since 1844. Fremantle Pilots became custodians of the service in 1994.

About Us

Fremantle Pilots is proudly WA owned and operated and takes pride in its pivotal role as a provider of marine pilotage services within the bustling Port of Fremantle. With a heritage deeply intertwined with maritime history, we stand as the guardians of safe and efficient ship pilotage, ensuring the protection of ships, crews, port infrastructure and our precious coastal environment.

Our Expertise

Since 1844, marine pilots in Fremantle have stood as guardians of maritime safety, guiding vessels in and out of the Port with precision and expertise. The Fremantle Pilots, custodians of the pilotage service since 1994, are an experienced group of Master Mariners who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the helm. Our marine pilots have acquired the highest seagoing industry marine standard of Master Unlimited and boast significant pilotage experience in various ports.


While our roots are steeped in tradition, our approach to navigation is firmly anchored in technological innovation. The fusion of tradition and technology empowers our Marine Pilots to make well-informed decisions that uphold the safety and efficiency of vessel movements. Utilising advanced navigation systems and real-time data, our Pilots navigate the waters of the Port of Fremantle with increased accuracy and confidence.

Guiding Ships Safely: Masters of Precision Navigation


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Supporting the Fremantle Port Authority

Our partnership with the Fremantle Port Authority is a testament to our shared commitment to maritime safety and efficiency. As current pilotage custodians of the Port of Fremantle, we collaborate closely to ensure the seamless and secure transit of vessels within its confines. Our dedication to setting the highest standard in pilotage harmoniously aligns with the Port Authority’s vision, as we jointly strive to foster a maritime environment that is safe, efficient and thriving.