Our Pilots

Fremantle Pilots understand our excellent reputation is due to the experience and professionalism of our Pilot team.

Our Pilots also understand their ambassadorial role, not just for Fremantle and Western Australia, but the whole country.  In many circumstances the Pilot is the first and last point of contact for vessels arriving in, and departing from Australia, and as such we aim to ensure the Master and their crew not only have full confidence in the Pilot’s abilities, but are made to feel welcome during their stay.

Our Pilot team possesses a broad range of experience, and many of our Pilots are originally from the Fremantle and Perth region. Collectively, our current Pilots bring over 300 years of pilotage experience to the port, and are committed to serving the community of Western Australia.

As an absolute minimum, all of our Pilots are Master Class 1 accredited Master Mariners which ensures they are at the very least, the equivalent in terms of sea going qualification as the ship’s Master. Additionally, our Pilots are expected to have accumulated at least 20 years deep sea and pilotage experience prior to even being considered as becoming a Fremantle Pilot. This ensures we have the highest possibly qualified and experienced personnel available to serve as a Fremantle Pilot.

We maintain our high standards through continuous professional development (CPD) and providing ongoing training to all our Pilots which includes but is not limited to:

  • Bridge Resource Management (BRM)
  • Advanced Marine Pilot Training
  • Ship Manned Model Training
  • Bi-annual simulator training, including emergency and contingency response, plus specialised vessel and new berth familiarisation.

Our Pilots are all members of the Australian Marine Pilots Institute (AMPI), and adhere to Australia’s world leading standards on Pilotage. Through this, we are able to exchange ideas with our peers in other major ports around the country so as to remain at the forefront of our profession and deliver excellent service to our many and varied customers.